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Women's BP Mini Day

  • November 01 2009
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Hello all,


Hope exams are going swimmingly. Below is some info about the women's mini day in this year's BP Champs. Teams wanting to enter should email by 13th November. It should be an excellent day.


<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Women's BP mini day - 20 November</strong></span>




<strong>A series of practice debates for female debaters before the New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships. Please bring $5 in cash for lunch.</strong>




<strong> </strong> Teams of two female debaters. Debaters are encouraged to attend in ‘pro-am’ pairs (i.e. a more experienced debater debates with a novice debater) however this is not mandatory. Debating teams can be made up of any student/non-student combination from any university whether in New Zealand or outside of New Zealand. If you are interested in debating but do not have a teammate please email <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.




20<sup>th</sup> November 2009 - 9am to 4.30pm




Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington




The debates will be held in the British Parliamentary Debating style, with four teams of two facing off against each other in the positions of Opening Government, Opening Opposition, Closing Government, and Closing Opposition.




9am Welcome and roll call


9.15am Seminar on the Worlds style


9.45am Topic for Round One announced


10.00am Round One begins


11.30am Round Two topic announced


1.00pm Lunch


2.00pm Topic for Round Three announced


2.15pm Round Three


4.00pm wrap up