Vic Debsoc

Gained Accreditation

Victoria has a strong history in debating, but also in adjudicating. The New Zealand Universities’ Debating Council has a system of accreditation where people can become officially qualified and able to judge at Joynt Scroll and Easters. Students accredit through the rigorous system of trainee adjudicating at Easters or Joynt Scroll, where they sit with adjudicators and are then quizzed on how they saw the debate and often asked to practice oral adjudications. Whether or not people accredit as trainees is at the discretiton of the relevant tournament’s Chief Adjudicator and Deputy Chief Adjudicator. Students can also accredit by breaking twice at any of Easters, Joynt Scroll, Australs or Worlds. Since 2007 it has been possible to accredit at the Thropy or Claytons tournaments as well as Easters and Joynt Scroll.