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There are a growing number of videos of DebSoc members doing what they do best, however many of these are on strange Not-Youtube sites, or are of regrettable quality. However, highlights will be added here, particularly if the debate represents an Important Moment, or an excellent exemplar of us kicking ass.

New Zealand Initiative Debate Series 2012

This House believes that a minimum wage helps young people enter the workforce

Grand Final: This House would raise taxes on the rich

A public policy debate series hosted by the New Zealand Initiative, a think tank. Victoria were represented by Asher Emanuel and Richard D'Ath, who ultimately won the tournament.

Plunket Medal 2007

Robbie Allan's I am a bleeding heart libertarian part one and part two.

Public Debate on Education 2008

1st Aff – Roger Kerr
1st Neg – John Minto
2nd Aff – Heather Roy
2nd Neg – Grant Robertson
3rd Aff – Stephen Whittington
3rd Neg – Arthur Graves
Post Debate Audience Questions

The Lighter Side

Steven on bears

Thropy Eclipse