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Victoria is currently New Zealand’s highest ranked debating institution, and is recognised as one of the world’s premier debating societies. Traditionally self-funded by its members, Victoria is seeking sponsorship partners to offset the expense of attending and hosting both domestic and international tournaments. 

Victoria Debating believes that sponsorship of the society represents a great opportunity for its sponsors. In recognition of the partnership sponsorship creates, Victoria Debating is offering a number of benefits to sponsors, ranging from naming and media rights, to recruitment opportunities, and provision of conference and teambuilding activities.

The Institution

Victoria University Debating Society is New Zealand’s pre-eminent debating society. It has won University Games (“Easter Tourney”) debating for fourteen years in a row, and the Joynt Scroll for prepared debating for 7 years in a row. It has won two of the last three Australasian Debating Championships, and last year had four speakers named in the top 15 in the world.

Victoria also runs numerous public debates on important social and political issues, and contributes strongly on a volunteer basis to secondary Schools debating in the lower and central North Island.

In July 2012, Victoria Debating hosted 90 teams in Wellington for the Australasian Debating Championships, a tournament widely regarded as one of the best organised to date.

The Need for Sponsorship

Traditionally debating in New Zealand is self-funded, which places a large financial burden on speakers wishing to participate at the highest level. While teams from Australia, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom all enjoy comprehensive funding, funding for Victoria University participants remains low. Given the extremely high costs of attending international tournaments, corporate sponsorship is sought as a way to ensure our teams can continue to participate. 

Funding could also be used to subsidise the domestic activities Victoria Debating participates in, including the hosting of established New Zealand tournaments, like the Joynt Scroll, Officer's Cup and New Zealand Impromptu Debating championships.

While establishing a partnership with a cornerstone sponsor would be desirable, any contribution to the team would be a substantial boost, and make a genuine difference to the team.

Ultimately it is up to the sponsor to nominate the activities they wish to sponsor, and Victoria Debating is happy to work to find the use that best aligns with the sponsors strategic goals and values.

Partnership Advantages

Victoria Debating recognises that sponsorship needs to be a partnership, and is eager to provide any opportunities or benefits potential sponsors may wish to negotiate. Potential benefits include, but are not limited to:

·         Naming rights for a debating team or squad, to be used in any official media releases (for example, media releases would describe the team as “Your Company Here Victoria Debating”.

·         Recognition in any media releases relating to the area of your sponsorship (for example, “Victoria Debating would like to thank Your Company Here for its generous support for Project X”).

·         The opportunity to be the named host of a public debate. Victoria Debating would organise a public debate on a topic of your company’s choosing, and would endeavour to arrange debaters, venue and marketing.

·         The opportunity to utilise the Victoria Debating Society as a recruitment partner. Victoria Debating involves many of the university’s most accomplished young people, and we would be happy to arrange for the distribution of recruitment materials, or for a speaker to address one of our events.

·         The opportunity to use the services of Victoria Debating at your next corporate event. Victoria Debaters have been used at several conferences to provide a unique combination of insightful commentary and entertainment. These debates have been very well received by conference goers. Similarly, Victoria debaters are also able to run workshops based on the public speaking and analytical skills debating encourages. These fun events can also be used as a teambuilding exercise, in addition to providing valuable skills.

Victoria Debating hopes that this sponsorship opportunity could be used to create and enduring relationship between the society and the sponsor, and is open to negotiate for sponsorship on a long-term basis as well.

Going Forward

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the team and the opportunity sponsorship offers and we would love to meet you personally to discuss the possibility of sponsorship. If you have any questions at all, or would like to meet us to discuss this opportunity further, please do not hesitate to contact the society at the email address below.

Thank you for your time,