Vic Debsoc

Guide to Plunket Oratory

Plunket Medal is not a debating competition, but an oration one

The orations are 10-12 minutes, with no bells of any kind. Speeches must reach 10 minutes or will be disqualified. Speeches going over 12 minutes will have points deducted. Orations must be given without notes also.

An oration is not a debate by any means. It is also not a comedy session, although humour is always a useful technique if employed well. An oration should move the audience and use various techniques to take the audience on a journey. It is not important to pick a motion as in debates, but more to pick a topic that you can use to employ emotion and make people think. For a great example, check the our video section for Robbie Allan’s speech that won him the competition in 2007, and our records section for past winners.