Vic Debsoc

Our Events

The Debsoc calendar is packed full of exciting events, both debating and non-debating. And let’s not forget the weekly trip to the pub after debating every Wednesday.

The Great Debate

The Great Debate is Debsoc’s annual fundraiser. It features a comedy debate with comedians and other public figures and a number of prizes and giveaways. Featured in Orientation Week, this event is one of the best ways to get out and have some fun O-Week style.

IGM and Intro Night

Always scheduled for the Wednesday of the 2nd week of Uni, the IGM and Intro Night is the time for seeing what Debsoc is all about, meeting lots of new people, and learning a little bit about debating. The evening features pizza, a show debate and a bar tab in town afterwards. This evening is also the time when the first year representative for Committee is elected.

Mid-Year Dinner

Debsoc’s mid-year dinner is held at at a cheap Wellington BYO restaurant and always seems to be attended by a good number of wine bottles. This event farewells the first trimester, and gets the soceity together for one last time before the holidays.

Regressive Debate

A regressive debate starts with the adjudication and progresses backwards from there, all the way to the chairperson welcoming everyone to the debate. As you’ll expect this event is absolutely hilarious. Audience participation guaranteed; and the debaters have usually had some liquid refreshments in advance to make things funnier/more debauched.


The Annual General Meeting of the Society is an important event at the end of the year. The President and Treasurer report on the year, and the committee for the following year is elected. Whether you are running for committee or not, make sure you come along – there’ll be pizza, and possibly political intrigue!

End of Year Party

Debsoc’s famous final event of the year. It’ll have a theme, and dressing up is compulsory. This is a great event for having a lot of fun spending the Debsoc bar tab and relaxing one last time before exams start. It’ll be held in a bar in town.